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We are in the business of providing comfort, nutrition and convenience through delicious soups.

In the fall of 2006, Soup du Jar started supplying soups to the Nakusp Secondary School for their lunch program. This marked the start of a wonderful and fulfilling relationship and a realization that there is a need for healthy foods in schools.

Soup du Jar offers the only Kootenay-kid-tested preservative-free option for school programs. Made locally from fresh, high-quality ingredients, our soup is comfort food enjoyed by everybody. Natural, healthy, high-quality lunch for children is an investment in the future after all.

The BC government has healthy guidelines for all food provided and sold in schools. Please visit for detailed information.

Quite often the Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) subsidizes the soup program. Student pay between $1 - $2 for a bowl of soup and a piece of tasty local bread. Of course, your school program can be structured according to your local needs

We at Soup du Jar would love to provide your school with soups for a lunch program tailored to your needs. You will find that feeding your students can be easy, affordable, and healthy. The kids will love it!

The most popular soup choices for the lunch program are:

Chicken Noodle
Alphabet Tomato
Honey Ham & Pea

Please visit the food service menu for an expanded menu selection.

Please ask about:

The Soup du Jar bursary for entrepreneurial spirit

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